Winning Chess Endings

Winning Chess Endings

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Author: Yassser Seirawan

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 256

Publisher: Everyman Chess

Release Date: 08-11-2012

Details: Approach every endgame with a winning strategy!

Good books about endgames for beginners are few and far between. WINNING CHESS ENDINGS is a great one a gripping introduction to what you need to know to win chess endings, taught by American Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan. His entertaining, easy-to-understand style, incisive stories and insiders advice will help you develop a solid grasp of proven principles that you can apply with confidence whenever a game goes the distance. You'll learn to prevail time and again in endgames with common and uncommon combinations and pieces.

WINNING CHESS ENDINGS teaches endgame strategies in an exciting new way: by putting you in the middle of the action with firsthand stories taken directly from famous matches. Pull up a chair and watch the world's most exciting chess endings. Then become an endgame master!

Languages: English