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Below you will find our selection of carefully curated chess products arranged into four categories. We've intentionally kept each category down to a select few items which we believe are excellent choices.

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Whites Move, Mate in 2

Featured Product
Square Off Automated Chess Set

We are very impressed with Square Off's automated chess set. The pieces are able to move on their own, allowing you to play virtually with someone any where in the world and watch their moves happen in front of you. It looks like magic to us. Check out the video below to see what we're talking about.
Square Off's amazing automated chess game

Play & Learn Chess Online is a great resource for learning and improving your chess game. They offer ons of articles, and chess lessons online, as well as host a great community of chess enthusiast. As a member you're able to play with people from around the world and access their knowledge base. As a specialy offer when you use the link below you will also receive a 1-month free subscription with unlimited access to:

  • Puzzles
  • Lessons
  • Videos
  • Computer Analysis
  • Online Tournaments

and more! 

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Top rated chess game being played on liChess right now. Watch and learn.