About Us

Chess is the most respected game of logic to grace humanity. From the greatest leaders to children and teens across the world, there isn’t a single human being who can’t benefit from the game’s nearly infinite potential.

A true antidote to the deficiencies in concentration caused by overloads of screen time, chess helps children, teens, and adults improve their memory and focus while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills directly applicable to everyday life.

The decoding and analysis required by chess quickly translate to improved reading skills and comprehension - qualities rapidly being taken away from younger generations in favor of high refresh rates and constant bombardment by easy entertainment. 

Chess is also pivotal for developing planning skills, requiring keen foresight and truly outstanding tactics for success - traits that sadly seem all but gone in much of today’s world.

At Chess Armory, we believe in balancing out the impact of the digital era by providing children, young adults, and families with quality chess set meant to inspire growth and intellectual development, community, and genuine interaction. Our chess sets are beautifully crafted, encouraging the chess players of tomorrow to love the timeless teacher that is the chess board.