Chess pieces long

What is Chess Armory

Chess Armory is a manufacturer of chess sets and a curator of chess products from around the world. Our chess sets are sold exclusively on Amazon.com in order to provide customers with the best online shopping experience.

My chess set is damaged or missing a piece

We have high quality control standards on our assembly process, but unfortunately on occasion something will slip by us. If this happens please contact us and we will work to immediately resolve the issue. (Chess Armory Branded Products Only)

Do you have discounts for bulk orders

We offer bulk discounts to some clients, typical bulk discounts are offered to schools, and chess clubs. This is determined on a case by case basis. (Chess Armory Branded Products Only)

Did you know your chess set is set up incorrectly in the product listing

Yes, when we first launched our brand and had a photography studio take the product images apparently the photographer was not a chess player. This resulted in the incorrectly set up board. We've let it ride for a bit, kind of like the Inverted Jenny stamp.