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Chess Armory Travel Chess Club Set With Canvas Carrying Bag

Chess Armory Travel Chess Club Set With Canvas Carrying Bag

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Chess Armory Large Chess Set w/ Canvas Carrying Bag - 20" On-the-go Tournament Chess Set- Vinyl Roll Up Chess Board, Canvas Carrying Bag & Weighted Chess Pieces- Play w/ Chess Armory Travel Chess Set!


  • PLAY CHESS WHEREVER YOU WANT - The greatest place to play chess is out in a sunny park. Unfortunately, most parks don't have chess tables! This roll up travel chess set gives you all the freedom to enjoy a game wherever you find an opponent! Just grab the roll up chess board and go!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CHESS CLUB FRIENDLY - Whether it's after-school chess club time, or family chess night, our Chess board roll up set has you covered and ready! It's your mobile chess tournament set and vinyl chess board wherever you go! Throw it in the bag and get a move on!
  • A 20 INCH, LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE GREEN ROLL UP VINYL CHESS BOARD - It's not enough that it's lightweight - Our vinyl chess board roll up is a full 20" and weighs just enough to make sure it stays put while you play, but not enough to weigh you down. Just roll it up and toss it in the carry bag.
  • CONVENIENT CANVAS CARRYING BAG - Anything could happen to your roll up chess set while you're on the move. Thankfully, our chess set roll up board and pieces come with a classy, durable canvas carrying bag, so your mobile tournament chess board set is easy to carry, safe and looking the part!
  • FULL SET OF WEIGHTED PIECES - You don't have to sacrifice quality to move your roll up chess board set somewhere scenic! All 32 pieces are lightly weighted so they stand confidently on the board for as many games as you do. Just unroll the roll up chess board & move the pieces to your strategies!
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