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Tips for beginners: spice up your opening play!

If you are reading this article, you either feel this way right now or have before: being stuck in a loop with your chess openings, not knowing what you are doing wrong or why your opponents always seem to get the best of you from early on in the game. While many beginners have the wrong mindset of focusing too much on opening theory instead of learning the basic principles of the game, it is true that you must learn how to act in the early stages of the game if you wish to achieve an interesting middlegame.

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Time Controls in Tournament Chess

This has probably happened to you before: you are sitting with a friend across the table, both deeply absorbed in the intricacies of a board game - namely a game of chess - and it seems to go on forever. While getting lost in the beauty of the game and making it last for hours on end is a pleasure for many chess aficionados, this is, of course, untenable in the context of competitive chess. In order to address this problem, and make sure that no player overly delays a game, chess clocks were invented. Nowadays, you will find that chess clocks stand beside chess boards in nearly all situations - playing under the permanent threat of time running out...

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Best chess clocks

Chess clocks add a new level of play to your chess matches. They keep you and your opponent on your toes, by adding the pressure of time to the game. Explore the different functions available in today's digital chess clocks.

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