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Time Controls in Tournament Chess

This has probably happened to you before: you are sitting with a friend across the table, both deeply absorbed in the intricacies of a board game - namely a game of chess - and it seems to go on forever. While getting lost in the beauty of the game and making it last for hours on end is a pleasure for many chess aficionados, this is, of course, untenable in the context of competitive chess. In order to address this problem, and make sure that no player overly delays a game, chess clocks were invented. Nowadays, you will find that chess clocks stand beside chess boards in nearly all situations - playing under the permanent threat of time running out...

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For The Love Of Chess

An homage to chess, a great game that continues to enthrall us centuries after its creation. Enlightening, challenging and a great hobby to pass down through the generations.

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Best chess clocks

Chess clocks add a new level of play to your chess matches. They keep you and your opponent on your toes, by adding the pressure of time to the game. Exp;ore the different functions available in today's digital chess clocks.

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