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November 18, 2019 3 min read

The globalized and technological world we live in has all sorts of advantages, and chess, the most traditional of all board games, has also benefited a lot from this.

Nowadays, you can find excellent chess material online, and computers have made it a lot easier for players and lovers of the game to improve: it’s easier to have access to books, there are plenty of great DVDs, you can quickly check what your opponent usually plays and prepare against it… all sorts of advantages!

Today, we are going to talk about thebest chess websites. There is a lot of supply out there, so we have gladly curated a few and created a top 3 of the absolute best for you to play and learn.

1. Chess.com

Chess.com is the most popular chess website out there, and rightfully so. It has many interesting features: you can use the tactics trainer to sharpen your tactical abilities (including the popular Puzzle Rush mode!) and play against people from all over the world. You can also watch Chess TV, take lessons and, if you want to have some fun with the game, there are many interesting variations of chess you can play - Fischer Random, King of The Hill, 3-Check Chess…

One of the best things about this website is that you can easily connect with other people by joining clubs. In clubs, you can play matches, stay tuned to news, and make new friends! Of course, we had to get on board - and that’s why we have created theChess Armory club. Feel free to join!

2. Lichess.org

Another justified favorite among many islichess.org. It’s a relatively new website, and it has conquered many due to its simplicity - and the best part is that it is absolutely free! There is no “premium membership” or anything of that sort: you can create an account and have immediate access to all features.

It has an inbuilt tactical trainer, a TV service (Lichess TV), many interesting tournaments (Lichess Titled Arena is the most famous), simultaneous exhibitions with top-rated players, many different variations of chess, a forum, and all kinds of interesting features.

Similarly to chess.com, there is a sense of community, that is strengthened by teams. And - you guessed it! - there is aChess Armory team that you can join!

3. Chess24

Chess24 is also an all-time favorite for many chess players. It is especially great due to its amazing coverage of top events, with great commentary in different languages (English, Spanish, German and Russian, to name a few).

Another highlight of this website are its notable chess DVDs, all of them carefully created by top-level Grandmasters. Rightfully, they have a great reputation - you’ll have to pay for the Premium Membership to have access to them, but all of the things you can learn will make it worth every single penny. 

For this reason, Chess24 is quite different from the previous two websites we have mentioned. It is more focused on learning and improving rather than playing for fun, which is why you won’t find a Community feature or many chess variations.


Do you already have an account in any of these websites? Which is your favorite? If you don’t know them yet, make sure to explore - andjoin our clubs and teams if you are looking to make new friends and find people to play a couple of games with!

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Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva

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Pamela Gard
Pamela Gard

November 28, 2019

I’ve loved the game since childhood! Thank you!

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