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Chess Armory

Chess Armory Pro Chess Club Set

Chess Armory Pro Chess Club Set

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Chess Armory Deluxe Large Chess Set with a Silicone 20" Chess Board and Carrying Bag - A Mobile Tournament Chess Set with Felted Chess pieces & 2 Extra Queens - Play Chess Anywhere, Anytime!


  • PLAY CHESS LIKE A PRO, ANYWHERE YOU GO - This premium chess set is a thing of beauty. Durable, portable and absolutely fantastic to play on, it features a 20" board, a 3.75" tall King and a drawstring bags for the pieces. It's a tournament chess board set for the important games in life.
  • 20", TALL-STANDING, HIGH QUALITY SILICONE CHESS BOARD - The luxury chessboard in this tournament chess set opens up to reveal the pieces, which are safely tucked inside it in their own drawstring bags. The look and feel inspires both you and your opponents to play your best!
  • A TIME-HONORED TRADITION: Invented in 8th century India, chess was once called Chatrang. Now, over 20 centuries later, everyone can own a pro chess board, as long as they're passionate about the game.
  • 3.75 INCH TALL KING AND WEIGHTED PIECES - Nothing should interupt your game. The pieces in this set are light, but weighted, so they're always as confident on the tournament chess board as you are. With a premium drawstring carry bag, they're safe when you're on the move.
  • TRAIN YOUR MIND - Chess doesn't require much except a board, 32 chess pieces and your sharp wits. This chess set is just as fit to use as a neighborhood tournament chess board as it is for chess club after school, or after dinner with your family.
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