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Chess Armory Weighted Chess Pieces - High Polymer Resin-Coated Wood Grain

Chess Armory Weighted Chess Pieces - High Polymer Resin-Coated Wood Grain

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Take your game to the next level. Get your hands on our high quality chess piece set now.

Our premium chess pieces are made from high polymer material that give each piece a sleek wood grain look that looks natural, and also feels heavy and smooth to the touch. Each piece is made to create a pleasant playing experience - it’s weight prevents from shifting or falling over and its felted bottom allows them to glide over any chess board.

Whether you’re looking for some extra chess pieces, a replacement set, or looking to change up the look of your chess set, this set has everything you need. It includes 32 pieces with 4.25” kings and queens. Each piece also meets the standard to be used in competitive play, so you can add it to your tournament chess set.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: These chess pieces are made from high polymer plastic material. The weighted staunton chess pieces are stable and smooth to the touch. The polished wood grain finish looks natural, making them an ideal match for any chess board.
  • PLAY WITH EASE: Each polymer chess piece has a heavy weight to them so you never have to fear chess pieces falling over mid game. The pieces also include a felted bottom making sliding across the chess board a breeze.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Not only do our quality chess pieces look better than flimsy plastic pieces or even some wooden pieces, but they’re also more durable. The quality and durability of each piece is what sets them apart from any other chess piece set.
  • CHANGE UP YOUR GAME: Whether you’re looking for a replacement chess piece or trying to add a new look to your favorite chess board, this set contains everything you need. It contains 32 pieces including a 4.25” king piece.
  • TOURNAMENT PLAY READY: This tournament chess piece set is suitable for any Staunton sized board and chess boards from 17” to 21''. Each piece meets the requirements to be used in competitive play.
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